befvp41 V2 firmware on a V1 hardware router.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by randydodd, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. randydodd

    randydodd LI Guru Member

    Has anyone had any experience with taking a befvp41 V1 hardware router, and flashing the V2 firmware to it?

    DOes anyone know of any third-party firmware for a befvp41?
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    If the v2 firmware worked on the v1 hardware then Linksys wouldn't have released separate versions for each ;)

    I'm not aware of any third party firmware for that router :(
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I would guess the hardware is different in v1 and v2 units, and that is why totally different versions of firmware.

    Also there is no source code for this router, so no one can compile any 3rd party firmware.

    are you having a problem with the router? just curious as to why you need to feel you want to upgrade the firmware.
  4. randydodd

    randydodd LI Guru Member

    Yup. in the V1 firmware, they added DDNS in a later release. (In fact, they added it but did not update the V1 documentation.)

    But apparently, they added it hastily, not folowing the rules. Now has made system changes, breaking the DDNS in V1. IT says it updated, but shows it did not.

    Of course, everything works fine in the V2 firmware.

    (apparently, this is a problem that just occured over the last few months.)

    Linksys says "return the router, with receipt, to store, if less than 30 days". yeah, right!
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    If anyone is to blame then it is dyndns. They have caused now made "system changes" causing the problem for your hardware not linksys.

    I suppose the reality is times are changing, operating systems and hardware all get upgraded sooner or later. no one complains then they just go out and buy new products. perhaps it is time for you to do the same. I doubt very much if linksys will support a firmware upgrade for such an old version of router though. :(
  6. randydodd

    randydodd LI Guru Member

    Believe it or not, i already contacted linksys. I generally feel that they s/b the first line of defense. after all, i paid them for the product and support.

    so i came here to expand my audience, and my knowledge. (let's all learn from each other.)

    ANyway, in all cases, the inevitable is happening; throw it out and buy a new model. Ah, that's the tech world, right?

    as for dyndns, you are right, they changed their system. but they also publish "proper" methods to access their system. and they claim linksys and others did not use their methods. but used "other" ways.

    I've been programming on and off for 30 years, and i understand what they are saying. (But i am not privvy to the details.)

    SO i am not really sure, ultimately, who's fault it is. But i understand that it easily could be Linksys just as it could be (after all, the V2 firmware works ok...)

    and don't worry. Linksys has been notified of this. (if they are listening...)

    thanks for your ongoing assistance. this is a great place to share information.
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