BEFVP41 VPN inability after dyndns address change

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cat5dm, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. cat5dm

    cat5dm Network Guru Member


    Sometimes I can't VPN from one BEFVP41 into another, both have dynamic IP addresses. I have the impression this is after a dyndns IP change of the receiving. On the receiving router I get :

    2005-12-21 03:20:57 IKE[51] Rx << MM_I1 : SA
    2005-12-21 03:20:57 IKE[51] Tx >> MM_R1 : SA
    2005-12-21 03:20:57 IKE[51] ISAKMP SA CKI=[639f21b1 9e8af7c1] CKR=[9c341965 daf7a929]
    2005-12-21 03:20:57 IKE[51] ISAKMP SA DES / SHA / PreShared / MODP_768 / 3600 sec (*3600 sec)

    and that's it - Any clue ?
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