BEFVP41 vs. BEFSX41: Which is the premium product?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zdvs1, Oct 4, 2005.

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    Hello all,

    I'm having trouble deciding which product to get, After searching all over the internet reviews, product documentation, and this site/forums, I'm still at a loss for the most part.

    Moderators, please feel free to move this to an appropriate forum as I didn't feel it fit anywhere inparticular.

    The goal, get the most stable, secure, and FAST connection from within my corporate LAN to my home network. This is primarely to access network folders and printer, and function as a proxy to provide unrestricted acces to the internet.

    From my reading, the most blatent differences between the BEFSX41 and BEFVP41 are the number of supported tunnels. The SX supports 2 and the VP supports 50. The second difference is that the VP has an IPsec Co-Processor.

    I've also tried asking the tech support people, here is a transcript of their expert guidance:
    Please, anyone familiar with these, help me decide..
    I also have a spare WRT54Gv1.0 that I can try some 3rd party firmware, but at 125MHz, I don't know if that is a great solution.

    Please Help!

    Many Thanks

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