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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Micho, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Micho

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    "be gentle"...newbie here.

    I currently own a BEFW11S4 router (version 4 and with latest firmware) that constatly drops its signal. The problem gets fixed by unplugging and replugging the router from the AC outlet. Two to six hours later it drops again. I don't think I had this problem two months ago and I belive it's related to something with my ISP. I wish their customer support personnel could help me but they are useless. Please help. I can post pictures from the on screen interfase if it helps.

  2. Micho

    Micho Network Guru Member

  3. Micho

    Micho Network Guru Member

    Am I in the wrong message board?
  4. Micho

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    For what’s worth...problem solved. Turns out my router’s latest firmware is flawed (version 1.52). On the advice of another fellow poster I reverted to the older version (1.50). Router working back like a charm.
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    i am having the same exact problem since upgrading to firmware 1.52. what is procedure for dropping back to 1.50? also it seems as if i had v1.51 b4 the upgrade. how come cant get that firmware version from linksys ftp site...
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    In case you haven't found the answer yet.

    Just flash the old firmware the way you did the upgrade. Version 1.51 was only a beta release so I suspect that is why you can't find it. Version 1.50.14 is the last production version before 1.52. You can find it here:

    I did this last July and it solved the problem. My permanent fix was to buy a WRT54GS router in August :grin:
  7. jayramona

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    Poor Shmoos like us

    Yeah, I am a victim of this router and the firmware. Rolling back worked for me too. If you can pass the word, perhaps more will be led to freedom. The router didn't like large file transfers (still testing with roll back) and would crash when using streaming video from

    The videos seem to work now, wife is happy(ier).

    Yes, if I need to upgrade the router I will, but will see if this works. BEFW11S4 has been just dandy for playing BF2.

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