BEFW11S4 hangs up often & requires a reset

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flyboysmb, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. flyboysmb

    flyboysmb Guest

    I am using a BEFW11S4 in a small Hot Spot set up, anywhere from 1 to 30 or so users. The router seems to hang up during the heavy usage times (after 5PM when people get home and start to use the network). Does anyone know if there are known limitations on what this router can support? I probably don't have the latest firmware installed.

  2. sreevas

    sreevas Network Guru Member


    this is because the router is not able to perform it's job properly because of the low RAM speed in the router when u watch video the router uses more memory so at one point of time it looses the internet connection so plug in the power adapter straight in to the wall outlet and not in the power strip and update the router with the latest firmware u can find the firmware in check it out im sure it will work perfectly pls mail me the result to thanks.
  3. onymouse

    onymouse Network Guru Member

    I have one of these little buggers as well.

    It seems to also stop working when it is doing nothing at all. Of course, every time it has done this it's only connection for a time was to the wan, nothing on the lan side.

    It has the latest and lastest f/w version, it is configured for relatively paranoid security--no remote admin, wifi off, no windoze crap enabled like upnp, etc.

    But leave it like that for at least an hour then plug in and try to connect anywhere on the wan side and nothing happens. traceroute doesn't get past the wan interface.

    Slowly--very slowly--cycle power and it seems OK again.

    I wonder if it's sulking at being ignored on the lan side?
  4. belizondo

    belizondo Guest

    befw11s4 version 2 - Need Help!!!

    I tried to make my wireless connection secure lastnight by entering the routers IP address in my browser......I made some changes in an attempt to make the connection secure and now the connection is broken. However when I pull up the available networks on my laptop, the Linksys network is now saying 'secure' so I must have done part of the process correctly........I'm not familiar with setting up a wireless network so I'm in the dark on this one.

    The error message I'm getting now is " Limited or no connection " When I open a browser I get nothing..... Windows prompts me to 'repair' the connection and it ends up saying that the IP address is wrong?

    Is there a quick fix to get the connection running again? I did see a reset button on the back of the befw11s4.....Will this rest button clear out the changes I made lastnight and get me back online?
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