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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by dfroelicher, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. dfroelicher

    dfroelicher LI Guru Member

    This has probably been asked about a hundred times.

    I have an old befw v4.0 and am wondering if I can link it to a wrt54g router or a WRE to create a kind of third access area.

    I currently have a lot of cinder block walls between the wrt and wre units.
    Then there is about 70 feet to the wre and then out one wall of drywall and one of cinderblock to the clients.

    It works at 50 percent with no people in the room but when the patrons come into the building the signal is pretty much gone since they are all around the wre and the client computers. The wre has no problem getting the signal I get it just fine for a remote desktop setup, but the client can not seem to get the wre through just two walls, really weird if you ask me.

    My idea is to put the befw in the ceiling of the room with the clients next to the adjacent wall of where the wre is installed using wpa radius if I can get the settings right.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  2. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    befw11s4 v4 with latest f/w works with WRE54G v2 for sure.

    WRE54G with WPA radius? i dont think so, since WRE54g supports only WPA(TKIP) AFAIK.
  3. dfroelicher

    dfroelicher LI Guru Member

    Thanks for the info

    I have set it up for now where the wrt (main) unit is running in WPA Personal mode with a refresh rate of 3600 seconds and a chosen key 10 digits.

    Then the befw is in WPA Radius with the server set to the main units ip, the ssid key and refresh to the same, a different channel (11), and the client to WPA Personal and the appropriate key.

    The befw will be connected via a ethernet line to one of the lan ports. I am unable to test this setup in my house due to the strength of the wrt and small size of my space.

    It will not let me unconnect from the faster wrt and onto the slower befw being at the same signal level.

    I will give it a test in the morning and see how things go.
  4. dfroelicher

    dfroelicher LI Guru Member

    Well all is well on my end of the setup. I had to switch it to wep cause somebody might come in with a older machine and not have or know how to get the updated drivers to do WPA on a wireless card.

    The whole point of doing the seamless handoff was to get it so that the people coming in could connect to the system and I would not have to do anything other than give them the key.

    I spent a decent amount of time online with the linksys tech live chat guys and got a lot done. Also found out that the system would have worked fine if it was not for Toshibas priority settings in the wireless configuration.

    Aparently they have an embedded setting, at least one I cant find, that tells the system to connect to a faster G unit even if there is a stronger but slower B unit sitting next to the laptop, I know that there is a setting to tell the system to go to only b, only g, or both, but the unit will not let you prioritize the b over the g.

    I know that it is the laptops built in settings(Intel Pro Wireless built in) keeping the system from working because I used the notebook adapter with the same laptop and got everything to work how i wanted it to just fine. I wonder if linksys makes a internal card for a laptop?
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