BEFW11S4 to WRT54G

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by WebbDawg, May 23, 2008.

  1. WebbDawg

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    Seeing as I am in a wheelchair and cannot climb in the attic to pull cable and I want to limit the expense of paying someone, I have been trying to set this up.

    I have my WRT54G a my gateway and use it for my windows machines. But I am now setting up some of my old computers in a linux network. I am setting up a server with apache, php, mysql and all the other toys too. I do web work and want to have a test server to bang on. The linux systems will be in a different room do to area constraints.

    I wanted to use the BEFW11S4 as a router to connect to the WRT54G wirelessly. I also did not want to try and set up the network connection after I installed the server software. I'm not a linux guru yet and thought it would be better for the installation to do it.

    Initially I have a windows machine hooked up to the BEFW11S4 to try and get this working, but so far too no avail.

    Is this something I should just forget and pay someone to pull cable?

    ps: I should mention I am not a network newbie, I have A+, MCP, also program VB, PHP, CSS and generally am a geek.

  2. Helnwein

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