BEFW11S4 v2/2.1/3/3.2 1.45.10 4/15/04

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  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    1.45.10 Apr 15,04 1. Fixed MSN messenger compatibility issue.
    2. Fixed Multiple PPTP Pass-Through Connection.
    3. Fixed UPNP Functionality
    4. Fixed secured site connection reported by some ISP.
    5. Modified wireless page basic rates "MBps" to "Mbps"
    and WEP page description.
    6. Modified MTU size to restore default setting when
    choosing DHCP or static WAN connection type
    type in the setup tab.
    7. Fixed Upnp multicast issue that solves when remote
    management is 5678 or 2468 ports.
    8. Fixed MAC filter address in NT4.0+IE6.0 not appearing correctly.
    9. Modified PPTP WAN connnetion type MTU size from 576~1400 to
    1200~1460. default is 1460
    10. Fixed fragment packets from the WAN will cause the router
    reboot to reboot when a multicast broadcast is received
    11. Fixed to avoid router repling to all ARP request from the WAN
    12. Fixed" address will not work
    when the web upgrade and backup & restore configuration is used
    13. Added support for RFC 2588 for proper handling of Multicast
    14. CGI attack issue
    15. Added Internal NAT redirection option to prevent internal user from
    accessing port forwarded services.
    16. Fixed connection to NAT-T enabled VPN servers.
    17. Fixed the DHCP vulerability issue.

    1.45 Feb 28,03 1. Increased UDP timeout for XBOX support
    2. Improved web based firmware upgrade using Netscape 7.0.
    3. Solved PPPoE connection. if static IP is already set,
    the routing table will not get updated.
    4. Added waitfor() for PPTP first time connect timeout issue.
    5. Added backup & restore configuration function.
    6. Modified wireless DTIM interval default to 1.

    1.44.2 Dec 13,02 1. Fixed UPnP Functions

    1.44 Nov 29,02 1. Fixed xml authentication bypass issue.
    2. Fixed UPnP buffer Overflow issue.
    3. Fixed password change without authentication.

    1.43.3 Nov 15,02 1. Fixed problem with slow email retrival.
    2. Fixed Multicast rebooting router.
    3. Fixed when UPnP still working when disabled.
    4. Fixed traceroute not working on the LAN side.
    5. Fixed the issue of PPTP not being able to connect to the
    server when more than one DNS setting is entered.
    6. Fixed PPPoE DNS information overwrite the user defined DNS.
    7. Updated Static Routing Function.
    8. Updated Dynamic Routing function.
    9. Fixed UPnP whiteboard function.
    10. Added Security by requiring password change for
    Remote Management.
    11. Added user defined port number for Remote Management.
    12. Fixed Lynx connection to the router without
    Proper Authentication.
    13. Fixed reboot problem with Long Passwords.
    14. Removed ZoneAlarm and PC-cillin.

    1.43 Sep 4,02 1. Added AOL Parental controls support
    2. Added feature to disable Advanced functions,
    (except MAC Cloning) when AOL Parental Controls is enabled.
    3. Changed DNS Relay functionality.
    4. Updated assignment of DNS IP address to the PC.
    5. Changed UPnP link speed displayed in XP from 3.2M bps
    to 10M bps.
    6. Removed SPI option in the Filter tab for stability.
    7. Changed Keyword UPnP request to no longer be case sensitive.
    8. Changed default setting for UPnP to Disable
    9. Added 15 free UPnP Forwarding entries (Not shown in
    web user interface) for additional services used.
    10. Added UPnP addPortMapping support.
    11. Changed UPnP overall function for stability.
    12. Changed FTP client connection for stability.
    13. Changed MSN Messenger function over a wireless connection.
    14. Changed Ipsec pass-through function over a wireless connection.
    15. Changed Multicast pass through function.

    1.42.7 Apr 12, 02 1. Added PTP WAN COnnection Type
    2. Simplified "setup" page by adding WAN Connection Type
    3. Added Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
    4. Support Multiple LAN client ping to one WAN host.
    5. Configured changes will not long reset on
    (Password, DHCP, MAC Filter, Forwarding, DMZ,
    MAC Address Cloning)
    6. Multiple IPsec pass through
    7. Add Lease time,DNS, and WINS option in DHCP
    8. Support Wireless station MAC addresss filter and
    active station address table.
    9. Fixed problem with WEP communication with non-WEP enabled
    10. Fixed SSID acception of space characters.
    11. Force MTU to 1492 when PPPoE option is used in the setup page.
    12. Provide user to select PAP/CHAP in PPPoE and support ISP
    reject magic number.
    13. Fixed the problem that the system will send out
    ARP requrest with random target hardware addresss.
    14. Allow user to enable or disable SSID broadcast

    1.40.2 Feb 26, 01 Official Release
  2. acmorfe

    acmorfe Network Guru Member

    how will i know which version of BEFW11S4 i have?
    this is the info on it:
    Linksys BEFW11S4 Instant Broadband
    EtherFast Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch
    Serial: G2711206807

    and what firmware would you suggest i use?

  3. badrottie

    badrottie Network Guru Member

    you can find firmware version on the top right corner on linksys setting window
    1.50.14 is stable
  4. acmorfe

    acmorfe Network Guru Member


    thanks for the reply. will that firmware version be compatible to any BEFW11S4? BTW, would you know the hardware version of my BEFW11S4? This is all I got from the sticker:

    Linksys BEFW11S4 Instant Broadband
    EtherFast Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch
    Serial: G2711206807

    thanks again.
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