BEFW11S4 v4 1.50.14 5/27/2004

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  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    1.50.14 May 27,2004 1. Added IGMP proxy
    2. Fixed multicast not working in PPPoE connection
    3. Fixed port 113(port scan) issue
    4. Properly implemented RFC 3360
    5. Fixed DHCP (bootp) vulnerability
    6. Fixed WPA problem for some adapters.
    7. Modified DHCP server revision, fill the siaddr to the
    server address.
    8. Fixed linux that will reply to the long-packet echo reply
    in the wrong order.
    9. Fixed the WAN side sending ArpReq, if received packet are
    not destination for the router.
    10. Modified DTIM Interval range to 1~255.
    11. Added Antenna Selection.
    12. Fixed Client card send disassociate packet.
    13. Fixed PPTP dropping connection issue.

    1.50.10 Jan 16, 2003 1. Fixed a lock up issue reported by some users.
    2. Fixed vulnerability issuing URL commands
    3. Added support for "Filter Internal NAT Redirection" to
    block internal users from accessing internal server through
    Internet IP address.
    4. Fixed Multicast pass-through using Windows 2000 and
    wireless connection.
    5. Fixed NAT Transversal with some VPN pass-through.

    1.50 Oct 23, 2003 1. Added Wi-Fi WPA support
    2. Modified buffering for improved performance
    3. Applied new User interface
    4. Updated PPPoE phyiscal connection not properly ending
    5. Added support for RFC 2588 for proper handling of Multicast
    6. Supports DHCP relay agent

    1.45.7 Sep 16, 2003 1. Fixed DMZ not immediately disabling when applied
    2. Fixed Log not functioning
    3. Modified the WEP GUI to display accurate information when not applied.
    4. Fixed Backup and restore problem
    5. Modified support for MSN Messenger version 6, 5, and Windows Messenger 4.7.
    6. Added PPPoE passthrough
    7. Added Wireless-B flash capability for wireless activity
    8. Increased frequency of wireless fall-back to maintain connectivity with
    wireless Atmel chipset Clients
    9. Fixed IPsec passthrough disable function failing.

    1.45.3 Jul 1,03 1. Fixed unstable HTTP and FTP download
    2. Fixed MSN 4.7 and 5.0 compatibility
    3. Updated for XBox compatibility
    (This is not XBox Certified)
    4. Fixed UPnP connection
    5. Fixed connection issues with certain
    wireless clients in power save mode
    6. Fixed Multiple Microsoft VPN connections
    7. Fixed an issue with PPPoE connection accessing
    secured sites as reported by ISPs

    1.44.2 Apr 16,03 First Official release
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