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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by owenowen415, Oct 8, 2005.

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    I upgraded my older 11S4 router to the version 4 unit and I'm having a few issues.

    My sons computer wont connect to the steam server because it isn't letting him get to the 27014 port (which was forwarded and working). When i go back into the router utility and try to check it either wont let me in, or the text that should show192.168.1.X (blank box) in the forwarding section shows anything but that with numbers that have no bearing on reality. I have to use the reset to default button to fix the text and/or to get back in and start over. I rollled back a couple releases last month because of issues with streaming media ( Real media.) the 52.02 gave me (router crash) and some other a problem. I went back to 52.02, but the same problem persits.

    I have 5 pieces of equiment running. Router is on XP HOME with the default default addy.


    1- My Computer: Static
    2-CallVantage VOIP D-Link box: DHCP .105
    3-Replay TV :Static


    4- Sons Laptop: Static
    5- Sons Main: Static

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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