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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by thollister911, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. I am trying to learn how to set up an FTP Server. The biggest pieces of the puzzle are:

    Router: WRT54GS
    ISP: Earthlink via cable modem
    OS: Win2000
    Software: WS_FTP Server 4.0

    Prior to owning the router, a few nice folks gave me enough online help to actually have the FTP Server working. It felt good, but truthfully I was confused the whole way. This time through and with the additional challenge of the router settings I hope to learn a lot more. I like details and baby steps will be greatly appreciated.

    Currently I am using the free Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) provided by Along with a free updating service program to keep the seldom changing but dynamic IP address synchronized with a hostname. This part of the puzzle appears to be working; however, per instructions at the DynDNS site ... I used the following check IP site:

    and it was the IP address reported from this site that I registered to the hostname.

    I also used this same IP address within the WS_FTP Server program. << I think this may be one of my possible mistakes !!

    I am really confused about the proper address usage. Is the address from the above url site my "Internet" address that points to my router? If so, should the WS_FTP Server software be given some sort of address that points not to the internet, but instead to the router?

    I'll try to show an address path below:

    Remote FTP Client Software ---> via Internet --> My Local Router
    ---> Port #21 of Computer with Server Software ---> FTP Server

    If the above is correct ... the FTP server needs to point to the router and not to my internet IP address?

    Also, I have two computers hardwired to the WRT54GS and the FTP Server software is only on one of the machines. How would the router know which machine to send too? When I use the "checkip" url on the other machine ... I get the same IP address! Geez, I sure feel stupid right now.

    Perhaps the WS_FTP Server Software should point to the NIC card address? If this is correct, what is the best means of finding this address?

    To further confuse myself ... I ran a "pathping" test in an attempt to understand a bit more. I pinged and nowhere in the entire path do I see my IP address as reported by the checkip url !!

    Following are the first 3 addresses reported in the pathping test:

    1) My_Computer_Name []

    I used the for obvious reasons. Those x'd out numbers are exactly the same sequence.

    I do not know what item #2 is referring too?

    Is item #3 perhaps the NIC card address? The address I should tell the WS_FTP Server software to point too?

    Very bizarre how my Internet IP address is nowhere to be found.

    Above is a lot of detail. I am very confused. Thank you for your time to understand my challenge and for any suggestions you may have.

    -- Tom
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The XXX.XXX.1.1 should be the local IP Address of your router. If you look at your status page of your router the IP Address is the IP Address of your connection, which should be registered to your ISP Earthlink. That address may change over a period of time, unless Earthlink is giving you a fixed IP Address, which I doubt.
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