Being told my WAP54G only allow 1 connection

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wahoowad, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. wahoowad

    wahoowad LI Guru Member

    What a freaking nightmare this has been to set things up. Up till 1 AM, India support, phone disconnects, now taking a vacation day and back with tech support. Anyway....

    I'm online although the tech has me thoroughly confused with the whirlwind 2 hours of changing settings. I am eventually online but not as clear as I'd like to be over my config.

    My setup: Single Win2000 desktop, WMP54G wireless nic, WAP54Gv2, BEFCMU10 cable modem (all Linksys). I am adding a new laptop soon and wish it to be wireless as well.

    Issue 1: tech support advises I will not be able to add a second wireless device onto my wireless network because my cable modem is not a router. He said i am limited to one wireless device because the WAP54G can not acquire another IP address for the other device. Is this true? If so all this effort to get the WAP54 workingiswasted and I'll have to go back and probably buy a wireless cable modem and/or router.

    Issue 2: The only way we could get the internet to work was to configure the local PC to use DHCP and let the WAP54 remain on the default address. Now I can not access the WAP54 web admin tool for further config although the internet works. I thought I should be able to access the web console but he says i can not do it wirelessly.

    Am I screwed because of my cable modem not being a router? or my access point not being a router?
  2. LordFlux

    LordFlux Network Guru Member

    I have a feeling what is happening is when you enabled DHCP, you're receiving an IP through the wireless from the cable modem that is not in the 192.168.1.* range... that is why you cannot access the WAP54Gv2's web interface. You can access the web interface through the wireless, but you must be in the proper IP range to do so.

    I'm sorry to say, what you need in this configuration is a router. I don't think the cable modem you are using is allowing more than one client. I'm more familiar with DSL modems, which have a built-in router, but my fiance has a Motorola SurfBoard which I know for a fact only supports a single client. I purchased her a WRT54Gv6 from Wal-Mart... it was on sale for $49.95. So far, it's been working great.

    As for the WAP54G only allowing 1 connection... that is completely untrue. In fact, I have 4 devices connected to my WAP54G (laptop, XBox, another WAP54G, and a WRE54G).
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