Belkin completes acquisition of Linksys from Cisco

Discussion in 'LinksysInfo News' started by Toxic, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Playa Vista, Calif. - March 15, 2013Belkin today announced the completion of its acquisition of Linksys. Linksys’ technologies, including its routers and the popular and innovative Smart Wi-Fi portfolio and services, will be managed and maintained as a separate brand and product portfolio.

    "Linksys has a rich heritage, a passionate customer base and a wide product line, all of which fueled our decision to acquire the company and our plan to maintain the Linksys brand," said Chet Pipkin, CEO of Belkin. "The Linksys portfolio will continue to exist and evolve to include even richer user experiences and network management functionality. Smart Wi-Fi is an innovative and easy way for consumers to stay connected to their home network and we look to continue investing in it by adding more features and products."
    Linksys customers and retailers will continue to see new Linksys products come to market in the near future, starting with several announcements in the spring time frame. By maintaining the Belkin and Linksys brands in home networking, Belkin aims to address a broader range of consumers with distinct networking solutions and will create the premier ecosystem for mobile devices and smart homes.

    Support for Linksys products remains available through the existing Linksys support channels. For service, Linksys customers should go to the support page on the Linksys website. All valid warranties will be honored for current and future Linksys products.
    "A lot of exciting things are happening in today’s connected lifestyle segment, and we are honored to continue the Linksys brand and enable new connected experiences," added Pipkin. "Linksys and Belkin are now one team. We are ready to do fantastic things as a team and deliver products that delight consumers and support the increasingly connected, mobile world."

    About Belkin International, Inc.
    Belkin makes people-inspired products that harness the power of technology to enrich people’s lives. From wireless home networking and entertainment, to mobile accessories, energy management, and a broad USB and cable mix, Belkin products connect the dots between people and the things they love. Belkin is a privately held company that was founded in 1983 and acquired Linksys in 2013, creating a powerful platform to deliver the next generation of home and wireless networking experiences. The new Belkin, including the Linksys brand and Belkin brand portfolios, has 1500 employees, and sales in more than 100 countries. Belkin headquarters in Playa Vista, California. More information about Belkin products can be found at and more information about Linksys products can be found at

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  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    As far as I know yes they will keep the brands.
  3. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Good news. I believe there's still a lot of equity in the Linksys brand name. Maybe not so much in Belkin at least IMHO.
  4. Jay So

    Jay So Networkin' Nut Member

    Maybe they'll be smart and toss away all these Marvell chips and go back to the router's people can play with like the direction fo Asus. I'd like to see a Linksys equivalent of the RT-N66U based on Broadcom that can go with DD-WRT or Tomato. That thing would sell!
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