Belkin F7D7301(wireless client mode) not able to connect to WPA2

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kenca, Sep 14, 2012.

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    I've been using ddwrt on this belkin router for quite some time, and mainly use it on repeater mode (not repeater bridge or WDS). Which means that the belkin router connects to my main AP, and broadcasts with another SSID and different subnet. Under this setup, everything works fine with no problem.

    I've flashed with tomato toastman version several days ago, and found out that tomato doesn't have a so called "repeater mode", but I was able to achieve the same purpose by configuring the wireless to wireless client mode, and then creating a new virtual wireless ssid to broadcast.

    Scenario 1:
    Just use the Belkin router as a wireless client, no virtual wireless ssid created or anything, the router can connect to the Main AP with no problems at all, everything works fine.

    Scenario 2:
    Main AP uses WEP, Belkin router as a wireless client, and created a new virtual SSID to broadcast. Under this scenario, everything works fine too, belkin router connects to the Main AP fine, and computer connects to the virtual SSID fine with no problem either.

    Scenario 3:
    Main AP uses WPA or WPA2, Belkin router as a wireless client, and created a new virtual SSID to broadcast. This is where the problems came: the belkin router cannot connect to the Main AP at all. I've tried to set the virtual SSID to different security type (WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2), and none of them works.
    I've also tried to flash different tomato shibby version, and had the same problems as well.

    I'm just wondering if there are any setting that need to be configured to make this work. Or, am I doing something wrong along the way.

    Thank you in advance
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