BellSouth Service Upgrade (PPoE) Killed my WRV54G

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by tom, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. tom

    tom Network Guru Member

    On the morning of May 19th (?) a scheduled service upgrade to BS DSL (PPoE) was supposed have been done. Ever since that time I cannot get through via either of 2 units.

    Externally it is seen, internally it is seen, but there seems to be a failure for the internal & external portions to link up and transfer data (my 2 cents).

    I followed a KB article on the problem and the article was actually worse then the problem. i.e.: they say leave the UID empty (NOT!).

    If anyone knows a solid fix for this please email me. I have a $200 (USD) boat anchor sitting here.

    Same router (it's eveil twin) works fine on Ethernet.

    Both use static IPs.

  2. JonAlthoff

    JonAlthoff Network Guru Member


    I don't really understand the problem or your findings. I know from past experience with BEFVP41's and DSL PPPOE that sometimes the ISP may need to check and do additional configurations. I have had 2 locations with static IP addresses that have given me problems. One tech from SBC told me to call in and have the Static IP address "pushed". I don't know what this means and neither did the people from tech. support when I called in. I'd say that unless you found a solution to call them up and have the straighten it out.
  3. tom

    tom Network Guru Member

    My Solution

    I did find a solution, I replaced the 2 WRV units with 2 WRT units. The WRV units seem kool, etc, but between lack of response to my postings and the lack of current firmware to fix some very obvious quirks, I "loaned" the units out. If LinkSys ever (or whomever really makes them) starts supporting their product with better firmware, then I may reclaim them. But for now the WRT54G units are doing good.

    Actually it was a blessing because the new WRE54G Range Expanders are not listed as supported by LinkSys WRV54G units. OK, an expensive blessing but one in disguise.

    BTW, the WRE units, when you finally figure them out, work very well so far. They solved a problem with multiple rooms in between APs.

    Plus people like Sveasoft make 3rd party firmware for the WRT units.

    So for now at least the WRV units are on permanent (?) loan and we will run with the WRT units.
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