Best Firmware for Bandwidth Management in wrt54GS v3

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by rod2k, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. rod2k

    rod2k Guest

    Hi Everybody, I´m new in the world of the use of costumized firmwares, I have a bricked and restored wrt54GS v3, I have no idea what firmware tried to upload to the wrt before, but I restored to the original firmware with the trick of the pin 15 & 16 and after 2 year working fine, now I have troubles.

    the wrt now is disconnecting the other AP Clients, without warning, :angry: so, i'm thinking it's the moment of change the wrt, i guess it´s a hardware problem, but before that i want to try changing the firmware, and by the way, updating to some firmware with ip or mac bandwidth use limitator, nothing else, i'm not using port blocking.

    so, what firmware has this feature included? or what firmware do you recommend for my case?
  2. davipiero

    davipiero Addicted to LI Member

    Try tomato.. Light and simple..

    You can use the official one version 1.23 which has already QoS. And you can specify the amount of BW for each class.
    Or you can use the modified Tomato with feature that best fit your need. You can find it at Tomato section. There is one mod for version 1.19 that has BW limiter specified for each client based on IP/MAC. Victek's mod for Tomato 1.23.. Find it here:
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