Best Firmware for WRT54G and a Q about Belkin Pre-N

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by harrykh, Feb 26, 2007.

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    (If you don't want to read the whole thing, pls read the bold-ed questions :tongue: )

    First for my WRT54G (home router):

    My question is mainly for QoS and how to efficiently manage the BW for my already slow connection.

    How slow? I have a very slow 'cable' connection 115/52 (download/upload from the fastest FTP server), it's the only one available in my price range (55 USD a month). I realize in more develop countries u can get something way faster for much less. But this is my current situation.

    There are 3 PCs connected right now, UTP and wireless. I play games and browse the web, the other 2 just browse the web.

    I realize the bottleneck is my connection but maybe I could make it so I don't have to disconnect everyone else when I'm playing Counterstrike:S. They would browse but slowly as long as they're not totally disconnected, if possible.

    What I did:

    I installed Tomato 04 as I've heard lots of good things about it and it doesn't feel like a Linksys FW mod.

    Before Tomato I used DD-WRT and I liked the QoS there since it has a checkbox for "Optimize Gaming" and to prioritize CounterstrikeSource is easy. I know it's probably trivial and you can likely do it in Tomato, but the classification aspect in Tomato is puzzling for me.

    • In Tomato how do I know how much BW to put in Highest to Lowest for Inbound? (Outbound there was already some default values but not for Inbound). Is there a rule of Thumb in setting the Inbound classifications in Tomato?
    • Is there a de-facto (older) FW for the WRT54Gv2 ? Tomato, DD-WRT, HyperWRT, or what have you. It's an old router and maybe newest Firmware is not always the best one.

    For the Belkin Pre-N v1 (Personal Office router):

    The main problem with Belkin's FW is that I couldn't do remote admin for some reason, can't change the remote admin port, etc. The Linksys FW is basically a better FW.

    I successfully flashed the WRT54GX .06 firmware into it. I stayed with the .06 because apparently it's the only firmware that allows you to go back to Belkin FW.

    It's the official FW and there's no features as customs FW. Has anyone tried flashing a 3rd party WRT54GX FW into Belkin Pre-N (with Linksys FW) ? if so:

    • Which 3rd Party Firmware?
    • What precautions did you take? (NVRAM reset? Return to Factory Defaults?)


    That's it. Thanks a lot for any insight.
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    QOS classification in Tomato

    Classifying QOS level in Tomato is pretty simple:

    Router Web Interface -> QOS -> View Graphs
    You can see how much every TYPE of classification is using.

    Router Web Interface -> QOS -> Classification
    You can set how much of each classification type will be handled

    ** for cs you choose counterstrike - source in Layer 7 and set the class to high, you can just leave it on "Any Address" and "TCP/UDP" protocol because the Layer 7 is meant to automatically identify the packet type

    yes there is don't use inbound QOS.
    the router cannot control the speed of the incoming data only and resulting in trashing received data - wasted bandwidth.
    outbound QOS will be more than sufficient it will slow the ACK responses to each packet received and this will cause the incoming data rate to slow down...

    I would also suggest setting WWW QOS classification to Medium from it's current default level at HIGH in order to keep in game ping timing at maximum.

    This is a matter of opinion and what your comfortable with...
    from what I tried so far Tomato's QOS capabilities are far superior to anything else out there.

    maybe dd-wrt supports the Belkin I don't know the router.
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