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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by philly1, Dec 12, 2005.

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    Here is my setup....
    2 lans 1 mile apart...
    currently linked by 2 wap-11s....
    I bought 2 wrt54g ver.2 routers and have upgraded to DD-WRT v23 to speed up this link....

    Both lans run static IPs of the range with subnets and 1 dns/gateway of firewall) to the internet.

    I currently have the two WRTs working by doing the fallowing...
    client bridge ---disable dhcp---lan IP IP filtering to only MAC address of WRT(2)---WEP128bit

    AP mode---disable dhcp---Lan IP IP Filtering to only MAC address of WRT(1)---WEP128bit

    This setup works in my tests but was wondering if this is the fastest setup. i.e. Is WDS faster?
    This term is new to me but have read somewhere in this forum that it may have increased speed.
    I realise that WRT54gs routers may have been faster but this is a home network between family members in a rural setting and we only want to be able to stream video and light file transfers. We found a great price on the WRT54g routers and went for the upgraded link instead of waiting for the speedboost version to get cheaper.

    IF WDS setup would be faster could someone walk me through the basics.
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