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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Burke, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Burke

    Burke Network Guru Member

    Awsome site and Firmware. Thanks so much everybody.

    I (we) just got into this WiFi extension for our clients. I have used the HyperWAP, HyperWRT and MustDIE (as we sell the WAP54G and WRT54G).

    Very impressive.

    So, to even get further results I have bought two diffrnt antennas as well. I realize I can build my own, but I have no time. I bought this Enterasys RoamAbout 7-dBi OMNI Antenna and for directional we buy 10" Deluxe cAntenna (scroll down).

    I know the Omni works wonders, but the cAntenna has yet to get here.

    I just wanted to see what you guys are using and what you like the best.

    What PCI WiFi cards/antennas do you guys recommend/use for best results?

    With this Omni I was able to ping -t and walk 510ft away without a problem. Using both MustDie and Hyper. This is at 84 power and all power routed to one antenna. (WAP)

    There is one odd issue. This notebook I use for testing has the Intel Centrino ipw2200 in it. If I use an Orinoco Classic Gold with a magnetic antenna, the internal Intel does much better (net stumbler) than this external..

    The cantennas not here yet.

    I would like to see other experience's with antennas and such.
  2. Burke

    Burke Network Guru Member

    Did I mention I'm a chick? yaa... that seems to work..

    I'm really hot with teh big bobbies.
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