Best practice seperate 2 networks using 1 WRT54G

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by ghost48, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. ghost48

    ghost48 Network Guru Member


    just wanted to gather some information about sperating 2 networks using 1 WRT54G as a DSL router.

    This would be my setup:
                            WRT54G (Talisman or Alchemy)
                            |           |
                  NetworkA   NetworkB
    I need access from NetworkA to several machines on NetworkB. But IPs/machines from NetworkB will not be allowed to access any IPs/machines in NetworkA.

    What would be the best practice?
    Using VLANs? IPTABLES?

    My first thought was to assign the WRT54G two IP addresses on the BR0 interface
    ifconfig br0:0 netmask broadcast
    ifconfig br0:1 netmask broadcast
    and put switch port 1 in VLAN2 and switch port 2 in VLAN3.
    Additional switches (for each network) would be attached to the switch ports on WRT54G.
    I have not tested this configuration yet but if it works it probably will not let me access NetworkB from NetworkA.

    Any suggestions or hints how to accomplish my configuration?
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