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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ReDFlaG, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. ReDFlaG

    ReDFlaG Network Guru Member

    I don't know if this has been already discussed. here's the way i do:

    1- hard reboot of the router to have the device as clean as it can
    2- upgrading firmware
    3- reset to factory default (to be sure that all new options appear and are set by default)
    4- power off/power on
    5- re config the device.

    What do you think about it?
  2. overmind

    overmind Network Guru Member

    May I ask why you are stating the obvious? Surely everyone knows how to flash the router?
  3. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    well sometimes even fi you dont reset the router it is still ok.
  4. ReDFlaG

    ReDFlaG Network Guru Member

    i'm not here to give lesson to anyone. i'm here to learn and share.
    May be some steps i'v said are not needed... May be there's a best way to do the stuff? i was just searching the perfect way to do the job.

    Anyway you surely too smart and a so much experienced user that flashing is just too easy (obvious) for you, so just bypass that post.

    I used to do a "reset to factory (load bios default)" when flashing a mother board because some new features doesn't appears if you don't do that.

    So i was thinking that i should do the same thing on the router. You think this step is not needed?
  5. malfeasance

    malfeasance Network Guru Member

    No Flamming Needed!

    Not only is overmind's flame unnecessary, it's completely wrong!

    People come here to learn things; to learn how to do things, to learn things they don't already know. I didn't know anything before I started coming to this site! Almost everything I've learned I learned here in just a couple of months from very positive and supportive people.

    ReDFlaG: This is indeed a rare occurence. Most people here are helpful to a fault and tolerant of all of us newcomers. Flaming has never been welcome here as far as I can see.

    The best way to go about learning here, I've found, is to read, read, read! Search, search, search! I almost never post asking a question because most of the questions have already been asked and answered somewhere on here, until you get into the more advanced topics. Then, they are up for discussion. I was here a month before I made a post, and intead of asking a question, I wanted to help someone. I partially knew the answer, but I researched and experimented and then put myself into a position of being able to answer a question. That's how I learned most of what I have so far.

    By the way: This is the way I do it:

    1. Reset button for 30 seconds.
    2. Power cycle
    3. Flash
    4. Power cycle
    5. Go to work!

    These power cycles are not necessary, especially the first one. I just want to be as safe as possible. Also, though jagboy is right about not necessarily having to reset to defaults before a flash, it can crap out the router if you don't, though you can easily recover. I have seen postings on that. People want to keep configurations that they have spent a lot of time figuring out. However, some configuration parameters don't translate between all firmwares. Also, with the save configuration utility, it's unnecessary to worry about losing a configuration, unless one is trying to take configurations to a different firmware. Some things are easily transportable, I guess, but others are only available in specific firmware.

    Also, according the the collective wisdom here, configuration files should only be used with the firmware with which they were created.
  6. ReDFlaG

    ReDFlaG Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your support :)

    I try to use "search" on the forum, but often there's so much answers that it's difficult to have the correct one without reposting the question. But i'll do my best to avoid that behaviour.

    By the way, i apologize for my rusty english as it's not my native language.

    To get back to the problem, about loading 'factory default' after an upgrade, you seems to be right: i've flashed, loaded 'factory default', then the router was not stable so while reconfiguring it, i've lost it. I had to do power off/on to get it back.

    Thanks again :)
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