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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by sander815, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. sander815

    sander815 Network Guru Member

    i am using a couple of wrt54gs v1.1 for my home network, but since my ISP increases the speed(40 Mbit down atm) they cannot cope with that speed over wireless, around 25 mbit/s.

    Now i want to upgrade the network; what are the best routers for tomato at this moment, looking at cpu speed, memory, wireless speed etc
  2. kenyloveg

    kenyloveg LI Guru Member

    The one is WZR-RS-G54-HP, except USB support-_-
  3. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    Yes it is this, with 8mb flash memory and 64MB ram.
  4. hsyah

    hsyah Addicted to LI Member

    ASUS 500GP V2 Support Tomamto , DD-WRT , OLEG
  5. stroths

    stroths Addicted to LI Member

    The WRT54g-TM is pretty decent. 8mb flash and 32mb RAM and can be had for $20 if you can find a local t-mobile store that has some in stock. I picked up 2 this weekend.

    More info here - LINK
  6. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Those are all great devices to run tomato but you are not asking the more pertinent question. What router can i use to take advantage of 40Mbps? And the answer to that is none of those mentioned.
  7. sjk

    sjk Network Guru Member

    Is Tomato supported on any 802.11n wireless routers? 802.11g seems the limit for all routers listed on the Tomato Firmware page.
  8. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    No, there are currently no 802.11n routers that Tomato will run on.
  9. sjk

    sjk Network Guru Member

    Thanks for confirming the current lack of Tomato-compatible 802.11n routers. I'll still be satisfied sticking with 802.11g (and Tomato) for awhile.
  10. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    The fastest, cheapest Tomato router I have is the WHR-G125 (ND drivers). The most stable, with best range is the WHR-HP-G54. The best household coverage is the WRT54GL which has two external antennas, the previous two I mentioned has a small secondary unconnected antenna built-in though.

    Anyhow, with your speeds, why are you not using a small form factor computer or an embedded board couple w/ your choice of a compatible wireless mini-pci card. Depending on how rich you are, multi-port Gigabit ports, & Ghz cpu's are a possibility. I'm not rich so I tend to recommend routers w/ few and slow ports coupled w/ a vlan capable gigabit switch. It increases complexity and areas of failure though... With your extremely high routing speeds needs and high wireless requirements, take a look at the alix, soekris and hacom embedded stuff...

    You however won't be running Tomato, on such an x86 type router, unless Tomato is ported by someone..

    good luck..

  11. DoC_DaR

    DoC_DaR Network Guru Member

    DD-WRT supports many N-Draft routers. An option if you want.
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