Best solution for WLAN Client with Ethernet, WAP54G or WRT54

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 29, 2005.

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    I want to connect a PC with different operating systems (multiple boot, Windows, Linux, etc.) to my wireless network (using a Siemens ADSL, Router, WLAN device). To get around driver trouble I would like to connect the WLAN via ethernet using the standard network card in the PC.
    Best would be, if it works like a direct connection to the router (or like any wireless LAN card would work), with configuration via DHCP.

    I know there are devices like game adapters or WLAN2Ethernet bridges available, but they are very specialiced and not much more cheaper then an AP or router. If I can use a WRT54G or WAP54G instead, I will get a much more flexible device for my money.

    As I read, the WAP54G could be used in AP Client mode, but thats all I can get from the user guide, expect the warning all modes - expect Access Point - won't work with routers/AP's from other vendors.

    I also read, that there is third party firmware available, which enables the Client AP mode on the WRT54G (which seems to be the alrounder). But from looking in different forums I'm not sure, if DHCP and DNS works.

    My Question is:
    What would be the best solution for me?
    a) To get the WAP54G

    b) To use the WRT54G with a third party firmware (like Alchemy)

    c) To get a (specialiced) game adapter or WLAN2Ethernet bridge

    Where would be the differences in these alternatives.

    Thanks in advance

  2. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    your options are kinda limited with linux there are a few select adapters thast will actually work well with it and they are all usually quite expensive.

    i would go with a wrt54g(s) with sveasoft satori if you dont want to pay for it (yet) or alchemy if you dont want to test it first.
    the wrt54g has dhcp client ability and wds which is great.
    the GS models have double the flash and ram of the non GS models and are only about 10-20 bucks more so i would go that way.

    i dont actually know of any adapters that work on desktops but the orinoco cards work in laptops so anything with that chipset will probably work.

    you are going to spend about 70 bucks on a wrt and 20 for the alchemy firmware. ao good luck.
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