beta firmware for WAG54GS

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by darkstorm80, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. darkstorm80

    darkstorm80 Network Guru Member

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I take it this is v1.00.9 ? there is afaik a 1.00.10 as well both have same file dates.
  3. darkstorm80

    darkstorm80 Network Guru Member

    maybe the 1.00.10 version you found is the same file i upload but renamed. you can use some md5 utility to prove this. altohght consider that the version of a beta firmware can change (e.s. a beta firmware 1.00.09C becames 1.00.10 when it is released)
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    file size is just slightly different.

    i'll put both these up on my site later.
  5. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    1.00.10 is the official firmware in France : here
  6. samjam

    samjam LI Guru Member

    DId you do this?
    I don't see them in

    I'm on 9c with no dhcp on my wlan.

    Interestingly if I get a telnet session and type:
    brctl show

    I see that wl0 is not part of the bridge, which I find puzzling.

    brctl addif br0 wl0

    doesn't make dhcp work over wlan though.
  7. crazytaxi

    crazytaxi Guest

    hi everbody,

    A question: I have recieve a well ago from linksys the 1.00.09c firmware, but when I want to update the firmware via the routermenu the bar will reach 8% and then the page goes white and say:

    Upgrade file is not the correct type or version for this device.
    Upgrade failed.

    Please obtain the correct file and try again.

    Then I downloaded the file 1.00.10 (in this topic), and again, same message. I have for sure the wag54gs (with the standard firmware 1.00.06)

    Can anyone help me?

  8. realricochet

    realricochet Guest

    @crazytaxi:try to obtain version 1.00.8 first,update,than upgrade with the other two,first 1.00.09 and than 1.00.10,and make sure you get the right ones!! annex a=adsl annex b=digital/cable!!
  9. TrinityGirl

    TrinityGirl Guest

    Will these versions of firmaware for France and Italy mentioned in this thread work with the UK router (WAG54GS)?

    I'm trying to use Access Restrictions which don't always work, so hope that new firmware would fix the issue. If not, is there a good non-linksys version I can use?
  10. skid7j

    skid7j LI Guru Member

    There is a general problem with the WAG54GS with firmware upgrading.

    You must update the firmware one step at a time using the firmware update page on the router

    Before updating, hard reset your router (put a pin in the back for 10 sec)

    Follow the list below which has been proven to work, starting from whichever version you currently have. DO NOT miss out any versions or you may run into problems. Remember to hard reset first and reboot between versions to ensure it goes without a hitch.

    • Hard Reset the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.02
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.06
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.08
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.12
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.01.00
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.01.01

    To find the firmware files either email linksys or google them.
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