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Discussion in 'Phoenix Firmware' started by amiga, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. amiga

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    In this thread you will find betas,which are for testing/bug hunting purposes only.

    If you would like to help download the firmwares and leave feedback (good or bad).
  2. amiga

    amiga Network Guru Member

  3. amiga

    amiga Network Guru Member

    Phoenix 7.01.05-Beta P08

    Phoenix 7.01.05-Beta P08 - netfilter changes reverted (VPN should work just like offical firmware / Upnp security hole fixed)

    AG241 V2 EU Annex A
    beta P08 is here, please post feedback.

    NB: this is Beta firmware and is not for general use but for Bug testing purposes.

    you will lose your current manual port forwards when updating. It's just a one-time thing.
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