Birch T1 router and Linksys WRT54GS

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by T1FG, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. T1FG

    T1FG Guest

    Hi all, :D

    I have T-1 Birch router but it's not wireless, so I bought Linksys WRT54GS and I thought I can share the internet connection. Birch told me they will give me one static IP address so they will pass through their router. They told me after I do that the router will work perfectly.

    Last week I bought Hawking router and they can read the T1 connection but their signal not as good as Linksys. 2 days ago I bought Linksys and it shows LAN connected for every computer however there is no internet connection. I did set up the Linksys router DHCP server not active with the firewall. It still not working.

    Please kindly give me any suggestion, if I pass through the T1 router what should I do inside the Linksys router? Thank you so much for your help and attention.
  2. u3gyxap

    u3gyxap Network Guru Member

    Try to connect the T1 router to the LAN port on the WRT54GS.
  3. SankarDada

    SankarDada Network Guru Member

    How to connect two routers

    First find out what is the Ip address of the primary router.If the Ip address of router is:,then change the ip addrss of second router(linksys) to,and disable dhcp server on the router and connect cable from Lan port of primary router to Lan port of secondary router,and it will work. all the devices get an ip address from the primary router,and all the devices will communicate with each other.
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