Bittorrent and The wrt54g

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Evil417, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Evil417

    Evil417 Network Guru Member

    I been haveing an issue with my wireless machine staying connected after trying to use bittorrent programs. Even when I exit these programs and my wireless connection was connected Firefox was unable to get to any web sites. I have noticed that when I run bittorent programs that my linkquality is lowered, but my linkquality is noramaly low is normaly get a linkqulaity of 0-4 bars. My signal strength normaly is 60%-70%. I just updated to the new firmware and still have the same problems. Any one have ideas, may I also add that I have been on 4 fourms with the same problem, most people are stumped.

    Also, whst is SES, its in the wireless properties, I noticed that they added some stuff and didnt see what it was.
  2. Evil417

    Evil417 Network Guru Member

    Im going to take it every one is stumped just like on every other fourm. So I guess Linksys products are just worthless.
  3. luckyduck288

    luckyduck288 Network Guru Member

    I don't have a definite solution that I know first hand that works, but I've had similar troubles with other routers. I actually just bought a WRT54G based on the recommended solution to the bittorrent problem given in,13310012 .

    The solution I'm talking about is the post by jsolo1 about changing the startup script to change the time that closed connections are cached.

    I'm hoping it works, because otherwise I've got another dud sitting on my kitchen table!

    Good luck, for both of us!

  4. Evil417

    Evil417 Network Guru Member

    How safe is it to change thoes settings. I mean, I dont want to kill the router. Sience I dont know how it works it may not be good for me to change settings like that.
  5. luckyduck288

    luckyduck288 Network Guru Member

    yeah, it does require installing a non-linksys firmware, which will void your warranty.

    Unfortunately, I don't think buying another consumer grade router is going to fix your problem. They all do this sort of thing, it seems, because I have been searching for a long time to find one that for sure does not.

    If anyone has a router that is immune to the bittorrent crash, please, please let us know.

  6. Evil417

    Evil417 Network Guru Member

    On second thought. Do u know any good 3rd party firmware. I would just like to read in to it more.
  7. gotamd

    gotamd Network Guru Member

    HyperWRT and DD-WRT are very good 3rd party firmwares. HyperWRT is fast and close to the default Linksys firmware with only a few added features, while DD-WRT has a TON of extras and is still fast (but does have slower wireless speed than HyperWRT from what I've heard).
  8. thedogcow

    thedogcow Network Guru Member

    I use dd-wrt. It has options in the web interface to change the number of connections per second and the tcp and udp timeouts. When you lower the timeouts (default is an hour!) and increase the connections (up to 4096) then p2p programs will fly! :)
  9. Evil417

    Evil417 Network Guru Member

    I think I solved the bittorrent issue. I set the transmission rate of my router to 2Mbps. I also tweaked azerous a little. But, it ran all night no problem.
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