Blinking power LED and no way to flash firmware :(

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by kojtp2, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. kojtp2

    kojtp2 Guest

    My problem is:
    I have a WRT54G v4 that I just bought. I was trying to setup this router and after couple restarts unit stared blinking with power led and switch LED are light up. I found out that it happend when there's problem with loading firmware so I tried to flash new one and....
    There's no physical connection between computer and router.
    Can somebody tell me what should I do. Is this router dead?
  2. PiratDK

    PiratDK Guest

    Help is here

    I had exactly same problem, and succeded by following this URL :

    First tip on site didnt help me, but following Revival tip #2: was a nice thing....

    My router started answering on my ping's, and after a minut or two I had full contact to it from browser.

    I hope that it also can help you.
  3. avax

    avax Network Guru Member

    1. Open your Router
    2. find the flash rom (stands AMD or INTEL )
    3. short pins 15 and 16
    4. while they are short turn your router
    5. start ping (your IP should be SM.
    6.tftp -i put flash.bin
  4. MrZy

    MrZy Guest

    or try short pins 16 and 17 , i solve same problem in this way
  5. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    when I bricked my router, I was able to just tftp the firmware over when I first powered it up. I didn't have to open the thing up at all.
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