Block Known Large Download Sites?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr. DS256, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Mr. DS256

    Mr. DS256 New Member Member

    I am using Tomatoe at my cottage/lake house as the main router from my wireless internet (Rogers Rockethub). I have low capacity on this and can get dinged big time for overage.

    What I've discovered is that there are a number of automatic services on devices you need to be aware of when on a low capacity network like mine. For example, I use Cloudberry for performing backups. I've had to use a scheduled BAT file to test if the computers are not the cottage network and not run the backup if it is. This allows the backup to run at home but not the cottage.

    Visitors to the cottage are told to not use known large bandwith consumption sites such as YouTube. However some visitors are innocently unaware they could be doing large downloads such as automatic Windows update. I think I've found a list of MS sites to block but am looking for others.

    Is anyone aware of a list/service of large bandwidth publishers, such as OS updates, that I could use to block in Tomatoe?

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