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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Algus, May 11, 2006.

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    Hey guys. Alright, well I'm a complete newbie when it comes to wireless networking, but I think I've done alright by myself so far. Basically, we're finally getting a broadband hookup so I did some research and picked up the networking equipment I'd need.

    Actually the router is working perfectly and two of our computers - a PC and a laptop - have no trouble at all accessing the network (which works like a dream) but I am having one slight signal problem. And I'm in a rather precarious situation.

    I've got a one floor house but due to some really weird floorplanning the room my second PC is in is more or less an alcove. With the machine tucked in there as it is, the signal it receives is virtually nonexistant (Actually, I am receiving a signal but it seems it isn't strong enough to do anything with) so I'm looking for a way to boost the signal so that I can actually get everything working.

    Unfortunately MOVING the computer or router isn't really an option as there's literally nowhere else in the house for either to go.

    Right now I'm using a Linksys Wireless-G Cable Gateway and I've got USB 2.0 Wireless G-Network Adapters in the two PCs(Yes, I know but I'm completely incompetent when it comes to the business of actually installing hardware)

    I was thinking of buying the Wireless-G Range Expander but I read that it only supported certain Linksys routers and the one that I happen to have isn't among the supported ones. I also spotted the High Gain Antennae (and certainly the lower price tag excited me!)

    So my questions are:

    1) Can I use the Range Expander with my router?
    2) If so, should I go with the range expander or would the antennae work better?
    3) Am I in a completely precarious situation and need to look if at all possible at acquiring different equipment?

    Again, I know I'm a terrible newbie, but if I can just get this handled then I'll be relatively free and in the clear. So any help would be great :)
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