Boosting transmit power - Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by ggravier, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. ggravier

    ggravier Network Guru Member


    A distressing thought crossed my mind... I have a WRT54G... works fine. I download and install HyperWRT... which works like a charm. And then I boost the transmit power to the maximum reasonable value. Great...

    But... then what? My laptop which is at the other end of the house actually sees a stronger signal and is happy about it. It can see the WRT54G from a greater distance. Unfortunately, the transmit power of my laptop hasn't been increased... so even if I can see the WRT from a greater distance, the WRT itself can't see the laptop from that same greater distance...

    What have I gained? I've made my network visible from a longer distance by wardrivers... cool. :)

    What are your views on this? Does it really make sense?

  2. dellsweig

    dellsweig Network Guru Member


    You receiver section on your 54G is very sensitive. It has high gain antennas and applies diversity logic to handle weak or noisy signals. It can handle a weak signal better than your laptop's receiver can.
  3. atzplzw

    atzplzw Network Guru Member

    I need to boost the power because the signal from the WRT isn't really strong in my opinion.
    Netgear routers provide better signal strength compared to a non-boosted WRT54...

  4. Tech

    Tech Network Guru Member

    raising the TX power

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