Borked v2 WAP54G

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by donut, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. donut

    donut Guest


    I've just bought a UK spec WAP54G - done the upgrade to the linksys 2.07 version and then to the MustDie2.07r1 release with no problems.

    Setup the AP and left it.

    Now I've gone back to login and change some stuff and I cant login anymore via the web interface and the setup tool doesnt find the ap.

    I've done a hard reset as per the linksys instructions and the ip has gone back to the original but the setup tool still doesnt see it and I still cant login!

    Help! Does MustDie have a different default admin password? Is there anyway I can recover this??

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    mustdie should not have a different IP address or pwd. though the setup may not recognise the mustdie version.

    press the rest button for 30 seconds. then open your browser and try accessing the router via the browser

    username (blank) or root
    pwd admin

    if you cannot do this download the original 2.07 firmware. and try using tftp.exe to upload the new firmware.
  3. Pevalo

    Pevalo Guest

    Ok': dit you first upgrade the ap to version 1.09? Becouse there is a diff hardware aspect between the usa and eu versions. First the eu versions have 7 led's, usa won't. If you forgot the upgrade1.09, you lost the lan port.
    1.Hard reset the ap.
    2.Disconnect the ap from the powersource, wait 10 seconds and reconnect to the powersuply and try to connect with the latest setup version from linksys.
    Nothings happend?
    Do agian step 2, til you can acces the ap. (becouse the lan is disconnect from te software, he wan't lissent to the hardreset) downgrade the ap to version 1.09
    4.Hardreset and then disconnect the ap from the powersource.
    5.wait 10 seconds and reconnect to the powersuply.
    6.Use the setupsoftware witch became from the ap, adjust your ip settings
    7.Now can you upgrade your ap again from version 1.09

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