Bought 2 x WAG54G from Linksys (isomicro) direct.....

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by lard, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. lard

    lard Network Guru Member

    ....and the cheeky so & so's sent me WAG54G V.1.2 ... is this right? I thought they would only be shipping the v2.0 units as these are later?

    I have called them and they advise that I will need to send them back for a replacement - only if they were purchased less than a week ago :(

    Waiting for a call back - is it worth me chasing to get a v2.0 box from them?


  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    I'd try the one's you have first because alot of the version 2 owners are experiencing the most problems. I've got version 1.01.6, and mine kicks ass! I have "no" intentions of doing any updates for it might crap out the good thing I have going.

    Test them out and see what's going on before you send them back...

  3. lard

    lard Network Guru Member

    Unfortunately I won't have that chance has Isomicro have surpassed themselves in there logistics - tomorrow a courier is coming to my workplace to drop off the v.2's AND collect the v.1's,

    great news as I will have zero downtime but a shame as I can't compare the two......big thing really on the origanol one they sent me is the fact that I seem to be able to get no range at all, in my back garden I can see three of my neighbours AP's but can't see mine? tested on both my ipaq 'b' and linksys usb 'g' wifi adapter's...

    So I will just have to see how it compares out the box - wondering what the best firmware will be for that though??

    So fingers crossed! - I have to admit that I was a bit annoyed that they sent me an earlier version....are the v1.2's still being sold?


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