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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by clarknova, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. clarknova

    clarknova Networkin' Nut Member

    I posted this last year, but I'm reposting here to assure my commitment and hopefully stir up some new interest. I would really like to have Tomato as an option to handle mlppp with more than 3 connections. pfsense is great, but I need an alternative, so I've offered a bounty. Your feedback is appreciated.

    1. Must be ultimately fully configurable from the GUI. I don't mind testing from ssh, but I won't consider the product finished until it works from the GUI.
    2. Must support the use of at least 8 lines in an MLPPP bundle
    3. Must support the use of vlan interfaces both as MLPPP members and as LAN interfaces. This requirement is obviously necessitated by 2.
    4. Must run on MIPSR2 hardware with support for 400+ MHz CPU (ie, RT-N16, WNR3500L, etc).
    5. The MLPPP bundle must continue to run if a member link goes down, or should at least detect a downed member and rebuild the bundle without it in under 60 seconds. According to Guspaz, a lot of work went into their code to make this work smoothly, so one should probably look at incorporating their changes.
    6. Must run on my internet connection. Sorry to be selfish, but this all isn't much use to me if it's targeted at some other implementation. My ISP is probably the largest MLPPP provider in the western world though, so this requirement is not exactly an esoteric trap. Note too that I'm devoted to providing thorough testing and feedback to the devs.
    7. Must be Tomato-based. Let's not reinvent the wheel. Tomato variants are fine, and probably the smart place to start, as some of the required features (vlans, GUI code) already exist in some of the variants. Ultimately this needs to be as functional, stable, and familiar as existing TomatoUSB builds.
    8. Resulting code must be licensed as free software to the extent possible, or in other words, at least as free as the existing Tomato project.
    Ok, so that's a long list of requirements, but it basically boils down to taking what already exists in various Tomato builds, and merging them into one functioning package.

    Now, what I'm willing to offer:
    1. Heavy testing
    2. Daily feedback if necessary
    3. Hardware, if necessary
    4. $400 for the finished product. I may consider requests to break this into increments if that would encourage more collaboration from interested devs, however I want to make it clear that I'm not interested in an incomplete implementation.

    This offer expires on 31 June 2012.
  2. MUD

    MUD Serious Server Member

  3. paul salter

    paul salter Serious Server Member

  4. Jason E Zvaniga

    Jason E Zvaniga Serious Server Member

    I pledge $250 to the completion of this project.

    I also pledge another $250 to this project if the completed unit is based on GIGABIT 8-Ports.

    Jason - King of All Data.
  5. Gabe

    Gabe Serious Server Member

    That's something I had started working on a few months back using TomatoUSB. I ended up bricking my router after I had some of it done and ended up giving up. Maybe that'll give me an incentive to keep going...
  6. MUD

    MUD Serious Server Member

    @Gabe I'm sure some will be willing to donate hardware to get this going, of even your place of employment (Whom I assume is an ISP, as this would benefit them also should)... but keep us posted.
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