Brainslayer Help Me....DD-WRT TELNET bandwidht utility test like IPERF!!

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by ketron82, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. ketron82

    ketron82 Network Guru Member

    Dear Brainslayer,
    I am Italian and I have about 30 km of WiFi Network between mountain in central part of the Italy. I make experiment in Wifi since 2001 because I am radioamateur and I studing Eng. Telecomunication.

    I have a very difficult problem because I have forgotten a telnet/ssh command that was included in old version of DD-WRT and that allow to measure the maximum bandwidht between 2 Ap in WDS or AP->Client ecc.

    Of course I can use IPERF (that is quite the same of the command that I have forgotten) but I have to start it on 2 PC connected to the 2 AP that I have to test.


    USE IPERF ON 2 PC is NOT GOOD for me because I have some repeater in
    some mountain around my small city and so I need to run it on the telnet
    from my mountain router's. HELP ME


    So...I could also Compile IPERF SOURCE CODE for MIPS but is too Hard for me old version of dd-wrt are just included a similar ultility that works great.

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