bricked the router, now its running slow!

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by LAGMonkey, Oct 14, 2005.

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    Well as the title suggests i managed to Brick my v2.2 WRT54g last night after changing the clock frequency from 216 to 228Mhz. Im order to get it back up and running again i had to use the JTAG method of De-bricking.
    Its now up and running DD-WRT v22-r2 Full and ive noticed that the rate indicated on the Sys-info page is never above 11mbps on a 802.11g network evan tho the clients always read above that rate.
    Is this problem due to me having bricked the router and damaging it during the JTAG re-flash? Or can it be cured with a different version of DD-WRT? perhaps v23beta?
    If re-flashing the router will cure it which one of the betas should i use (VOIP, std, or mini) if i need advanced QoS?
    My current network configuration is 9 clients (all 11g) with at least 3 of those using Bit-torrents constantly. VoIP is needed from time to time along with internet gaming. The internet connection to the router is 10meg down and 386k up (Telewest UK Cable Broadband).

    You help is much appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Tony Killip
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