bricked? Unstable on load - Video inside

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by t0ffluss, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. t0ffluss

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    Im having some issues with my WRT54GS (v1.1)... at first I thought it was the DD-wrt firmware I was using (v23 SP1) ...

    I managed to change it to Thibor 15c, and everything works great, I can access the GUI, telnet to the router...(like I could with DD-wrt aswell)

    But whenever I put load on the router, like downloading something from my local FTP server, speed reach approx 2,5MB/s ... it breaks down, and reboots.... (all lights flash, goes off, and the power lights starts blinking, 10sec and its back up again)... very strange.... it isnt warm either... anyone have an idea what can cause this?

    Just started this week... haven't had any issues before...

    PS: just noticed something... putting load on the router via HTTP (web pages, streaming videos, doesnt make it reboot... only via LAN... copying files from another wired computer, makes it break down....)

    PPSS: After some troubleshooting, it seems like the WRT screws up when something is connected to it with 100Mbps/Full duplex... it just cant handle it.. connecting with 10Mbps/Half, and the router never reboots... what gives?!

    [video width=320 height=240:b9bc7eb019][/video:b9bc7eb019]

    Router with 100mbps connected...

  2. t0ffluss

    t0ffluss Network Guru Member

    Ok, so I'we done some more testing,

    Afterburner disabled, no encryption = no reboot / crash

    Afterburner enabled, no encryption = crash on load (speeds @ 2,5Mb/s)

    Afterburner disabled, WPA encryption, AES = crash on load (speeds reach the same speed as afterburner (??))

    Im totally dumbstruck here, these problems started last week, out of the blue, had been working great for months.. but not anymore

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