Bricked wrt54g v3.1

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jackkpl, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. jackkpl

    jackkpl Network Guru Member

    Hello to all , this is my first post in this forum :).
    Unfortunately few days ago i bricked my wrt54g v3.1. To cut most of the comments i tried resetting with button,
    shortcircuiting flash (which is bad as i read recently) and also tried using jtag cable. First thing that went bad was that my router was recognized as 0x24... (instead of 0x14... as for 4712 v1 broadcom chip), but after adding one line to sourcecode it didnt compain about bad chip any more. The problem is when i try to backup cfe it is blank (000000 everywhere) and when i try to flash , it says that flash is not there. My question is whether anyone succeded in reanimatin wrt54g v3.1 with jtag cable or had same situation with unrecognizef intel flash (i am 99% sure that shortcircuiting flash killed it and that;s why now it is not recognized). maybe v3.1 chip is a bit different and it needs other jtag dma transfer definition (4710 and 4712 have different jtag dma definitions as written is wrt54g.c .
  2. thevj

    thevj Network Guru Member

    Which pins did you short?

    Just last week I bricked my v3.1 wrt54g. All revivals procedures failed, so I opened it up. After trying to short pins 15 & 16 a couple of times, I noticed that this model requires shorting pins 16 & 17. That still didn't work until I reasoned that my screwdriver probably didn't conduct.

    I then used some soldering iron wire to short pins 16 & 17 which instantanously caused several LEDs to come alive. It's been working since.

    Good luck,

  3. jackkpl

    jackkpl Network Guru Member

    Yep, tried few things, shorting 15 with 16, 16 with 17, 16 with antenna ground and so one. Nothing works, still no ping :/
  4. thevj

    thevj Network Guru Member

    That's a shame. The antenna-short failed for me as well. What I did notice was that I was moving the shorting-object (screwdriver, soldering wire) while plugging in the power. I would have appreciated a magnifying glass while shorting, I noticed that I easily would choose the wrong pins to short. It took some positioning to finally maintain the short while applying power.

    Did I say soldering iron wire? I meant just soldering wire, not the iron. Bear in mind that my jewelers' screwdrivers look pretty much the same as the screwdriver being used in the picture in the revival section on this site. His screwdriver likely conducts, mine apparently doesn't.

    The pings is a good indicator that something is reviving, but I was informed by activation of the LEDs that something had changed (ultimately for the better). While bricked, the wrt54g just LED'ed on active ethernet switch connections and the power LED remained blinking while DMZ and wireless remained off. While un-bricking the DMZ and Wireless LED suddenly started burning (iirc). Maybe your wrt54g exhibits different symptoms? Finally, I had already installed OpenWRT on the router, but I wonder whether that has anything to do with the revival process.

    I have no experience with the JTAG method, but I wish you luck. I experienced a natural high that's still present when I finally unbricked mine, I hope you succeed as well.

  5. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    I would not give up! Bricked my wrt54 g v1.1 and tried the normal de-bricking procedures without success. Just when I was about to give up, decided to try shorting the antenna and saw some response in the DOS window so I knew I still had a fighting chance. Keep it up and once it consistently gave me a response flashed (tftp) with the firmware version listed on the flash chip. This was successful and after that flashed with Tofu 11 ... haven't looked back since.

    Good luck,
  6. jackkpl

    jackkpl Network Guru Member

    Shorting doesn;t work, neither antenna nor pins. My shorting device is ok, cause shorting it to power connector causes sparks ;). I think i killed the flash, cause i tried shorting many many pins (15-16 16-17 - markings on board, then 15-16 16-17 counting from chip description (it has small dot to indicate actual 1st pin)). I just need som1 with jtag experience to say whether he succeded in restoring his v3.1. Of course i wont throw it away, cause it is still very nice 4-port switch ;)
  7. jackkpl

    jackkpl Network Guru Member

    Oh, i just found out that on there is new version of debrick utility that supports newer chips. I think i will give it another try tomorrow :D
  8. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    I think we all do that!! I did the same when frustrated, but just kept at it and was able to recover! What I used as the short wire was a tie wire for plastic baggies (stripped paper off the ends). Was pretty thin and worked perfectly!

    Just stick to the normal procedures and be patient ... :rockon:
  9. thevj

    thevj Network Guru Member

    I think everybody who doesn't immediately revive their wrt reaches the 'i think I fried my flash' stage at one point. Could be true, but I was pleasantly surprised when this turned out not to be the case.

    Using tie wires seems like a pretty good way to short the pins.

    Hang in there!
  10. jackkpl

    jackkpl Network Guru Member

    Yea, i think i will leave it as it is , cause christmas time is a bit absorbing :). Maybe one evening i will be bored so much that i will kick sucker's ass and it will live happyli till then ;)
  11. jedi69

    jedi69 Network Guru Member

    Lan lights solid & power flashing after un-bricking atte

    Has anyone seen this response after pin shorting a gsv3? Lan lights solid & power flashing. And now I have no ping response again and the pin short isn't working. I have yet to try the antenna short, but any ideas before I have an opportunity to try that?
  12. jackkpl

    jackkpl Network Guru Member

    I most probably burned my flash by shorting so i would recommend to avoid this and try to play with reset button.Try putting lan cable into wan port, it worked for some ppl with no ping to lan ports
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