Bricked WRT54G v6

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by madjoe, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. madjoe

    madjoe LI Guru Member

    Does anyone know the procedure to debrick a v6?

    I've tried shorting pins 15&16, tried shorting pin 16 to the antenna ground with no luck.

    Is there a different way with the v6? I tried to get into management mode as you can with the v5. No luck here either.

  2. madjoe

    madjoe LI Guru Member

    Holy crap... it worked.

    I tried grounding in 16 again with a different cable and it worked! Pings came back right away.

    I feel like I accomplished something.
  3. mecdrox

    mecdrox LI Guru Member


    I have not seen much info on the v6 routers. You find a nice 3rd party firmware for them?
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  5. mecdrox

    mecdrox LI Guru Member

    Thanks a million for the link!
  6. ZeroCool1

    ZeroCool1 Guest


    hello, i see that you could de-brick the V6, what pins are??
  7. desesperado

    desesperado LI Guru Member

    Hey, about debricking v6, maybe you could help me please :).
    I have a v6 too, and i get ping response and I can even transmit different firmwares, but the router just doesnt wake up. It just stays with the power light blinking. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!!
  8. n2tdk

    n2tdk LI Guru Member

    I just had to do this after a bad flash conversion from DD-WRT to OpenWRT (just trying different flavors)..... All 4 LAN ports and the WLAN Port LED's were solid with a flashing Power LED. No ports would connect....

    Open the router and short pin 16 on the Flash chip to ground then plug the router in with a system plugged into one of the LAN ports....

    (On the Flash chip you should see an imprinted dot on 1 corner. The 1st pin on that corner is pin 1. Count over to the other corner until you find pin 16.)

    You should see the Power LED and Port you are connected into go solid. You can then flash a bootloader image file into the unit. Use a TFTP client on your system and hard set the IP of you system to (say) TFTP it to I used the openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx image file. It will them come up in a mode to send another system image file via TFTP again to the same IP. For this 1 I sent in the current Linksys Firmware release file. The Router then booted with Factory Default settings with that Linksys Firmware.

    Next got rid of the Linksys stuff and reload DD-WRT.... :)
  9. doblejota

    doblejota Guest

    hi, i recently bricked my girlfriend´s WRT54G v6 i tried to do shorting pin 16 but without any result, can anyone post some pics? please.
    i´m despered.

    Ps: sorry for my bad english.
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