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    I am planning a redesign of my home LAN and would appreciate some feedback.


    1. I have three computers I want to have public static (distributed using DHCP from my ISP) ip-addresses. These machines will go back and forth between wired (100/1000 Mb/s) and wireless connection. I also want this part of the network to use WPA2.

    2. Furthermore I need an open, unprotected and unencrypted, network to be used by visitors, neighbors and so on. This network should be NAT:ed.

    Currently I have a WRT54GS with the official firmware. However since this unit, AFAIK, don't support "bridge mode" (RFC 1483) I guess I also need a WAP. Comments? Which WAP should I go for? Any reviews? Is it worth going for a 11n-unit (I have two Powerbooks with 11g and a MacBook Pro with a 11g, upgradeable to 11n, card).

    My plan is to draw a wire from my cable modem to a WAP and then a cable from the WAP to a router:

    cable modem
    WAP ––– three boxes with public ips
    router ––– visitors/guests

    The WAP doesn't require an ip, does it? However, I guess the router needs one which means that I am gonna need four public ips?

    Furthermore, I have an Airport Express and a Netgear MRB814v3. Can I use the Netgear as a router (and give away my WRT54GS to someone who needs it more than I)? Can the Aiport Express be used to extend any/either part of the network?

    In general, does this sound lika reasonable plan?
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