Bridge wired network upstairs to WAG54G

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by g18c, May 8, 2007.

  1. g18c

    g18c LI Guru Member

    Hi, i have a WAG54G adsl router downstairs (which has a built in access point). Im looking at buying a WRT and using it as an advanced router, i wish to bridge my wired network upstairs (which consists of xbox, and 2 PCs) to the access point downstairs. As the access point is basic (and other people connect via wireless to this AP), im guessing the WRT will need to connect in "client mode", but if i install DD-WRT will i be able to bridge the network and still connect as "client mode"?

    As i understand it, client mode only allows one wired client to be connected to the client AP with other products (linksys access points, dlink etc), if i install DD-WRT will i get this enhanced functionality?

    I know this can be done as i borrowed some cisco AP from work and setup root-bridge with clients and upstairs a non-root bridge with clients and this worked perfectly, however they need the APs back and i cant afford cisco equipment!


  2. zardiw

    zardiw LI Guru Member

    I think you could do this with WDS z
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