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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by capten, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. capten

    capten Guest

    hi guys. long time cable user here. now i've got adsl2 and i want to replicate the setup i had with my cable modem which was cable modem -> router -> internet to the house hoold (ethernet and wireless)

    i have a netcomm nb6 adsl2+ modem and a linksys wrt54gl running the latest tomato firmware (1.27).

    my question: how do i do this? and is a wireless ethernet bridge what i want?

    i've tried following a few guides but i haven't managed to pull it off so i just set everything back to default and was hoping you guys could help me out, fresh.

    please break this down as simply as possible, networking isn't a strong suit of mine (clearly).

    thank you in advance for any assistance!
  2. michse

    michse Addicted to LI Member

    Maybe I missunderstood your question, but you only change your isp from cable to adsl. so you use a diff. modem for each and the same router. you only have to change your router settings from cable (don't know, static, pptp?) to your new isp which uses an other authentication like pppoe. thats it.

  3. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    As mische mentions, the only difference from your previous (cable) setup is that you now use an ADSL modem instead of a cable modem. I'll elaborate slightly:

    The basic idea is
    1) internet (phone line) connected to ADSL modem phone port
    2) ADSL modem network port conected to router WAN port
    3) router (Tomato) then provides wired and wireless LAN and internet to PCs connected to its LAN ports

    In the above setup, you can use most ADSL modems in either dumb or smart mode. (These modes are often referred to as bridge-, half-bridge-, or router- mode). I don't know what kind of modem the netcomm is, but here a general description:

    Smart mode is when the modem uses its own intelligence to connect to the internet; i.e. do modem control, AND network control. If the modem is in this mode, you will setup your ISP account details, etc. on the modem. The modem will then have 2 IP addresses: one for the ADSL connection to the internet, and another for it's network port, the latter probably something like or so.
    Now you need to setup Tomato as a router, and Tomato's WAN as static or DHCP. Tomato will also have 2 (sets of) IP addresses. The IP address of Tomato's WAN port must be in the same subnet as the modem's network, i.e. something like Tomato's LAN and wireless must have different subnet addresses, say something like,, etc. You will have something like this:

    internet IP modem --- Tomato --- PCs

    If you setup your modem in dumb mode, the modem only does the ADSL modem control, not the network control. In this mode, you do not do any setup on the modem (except for setting it to dumb mode). Setup Tomato as a gateway, and the WAN port as PPPoE. You also enter your ISP account details in Tomato. Tomato's LAN setup is the same as above. You will have something like this:

    internet IP modem --- PPPoE--- Tomato --- PCs
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