Bridging DITV

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by phoneman, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. phoneman

    phoneman Network Guru Member

    ok, this is what i have. the phone company i work for has recently started delivering digital interactive television over the same twisted copper pair that comes to a person's house for phone use. basically, we are using a 4 port adsl modem and turn it into a bridge. each set top box is then wired back to the modem. the set top box gets a private 10. address from our dhcp server which is behind a nat server.
    this is what i'm trying to do. i have a wrt54g wireless router that i want to install off one of the ports on the modem. then, wirelessly send the tv data to the set top box. basically, elimate the wiring between the modem and set top. what device do i need to install at the set top box? a wireless ethernet bridge or access point? i don't know. i've tried connecting the set top box with a patch cord directly to the linksys router (just for testing purposes) and all i get is the channel information like: cnn , but no picture. i think it's some sort of bridging issue. i'm sure there is a guru out there that has an answer. i'm listening.
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