Bridging Linksys WRT54G > Belkin F5D7130 !? Possible?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by KoolMonkey, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. KoolMonkey

    KoolMonkey Network Guru Member

    Ok, I'm having a hard time setting up a home network the way I need it to function.

    I have an existing wired LAN that has various routers etc all connected up to a Cable Modem. I also have a Linksys WRT54G v1.1 connected that works with just one notebook. So far so good. Now what I need to do is bridge from the WRT54G to a guest residence that has it's own internal LAN.

    I bought a Belkin F5D7130 "Wireless Range Extender/Access Point" device. There was a Belkin salesperson instore at CompUSA and after I told him what I needed to do with my existing hardware, he proclaimed this product would work. What a jerk. I won't be buying Belkin networking products ever again you moron. After being up till 3am I still couldn't get anything happening.

    Then I find out aout this Sveasoft firmware update for my Linksys WRT54G and I've been mucking about with it ever since. Anyway to get back on track this is what I need to do.

    Existing wired LAN > WRT54G >> ???? (The guest house) > Existing wired LAN

    Am I making any sense? or did I not get enough sleep last night :(

    I'm pretty sure by now I can't even with the firmware replacements get my Linksys WRT54G to communicate and bridge with the Belkin.

    Help !?
  2. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    Bridge mode

    Wht you are looking to do uses the Wireless Bridge mode

    A description of implementing it with WAPG54s can be found here
    Linksys' solution for Bridging

    And you can use a second WRT54GS or WRT54G with Sveasoft firmware to act as the bridge client, or use a WAP54G which already has the bridge function built in.
  3. KoolMonkey

    KoolMonkey Network Guru Member

    jdepew, thanks for your reply. I returned the Belkin and bought a Linksys WGA54G Wireless-G Game Adapter. It worked straight out of the box and is giving me good speeds. I couldn't believe how easy it was to setup. I figured I was going to be playing around for hours with it. I plugged it in, turned me computer on and it went straight to a website. Great!
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