bridging two wrt54g routers

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by apachesurfer, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. apachesurfer

    apachesurfer Network Guru Member

    i have two wrt54g routers, one is hooked up to the internet through the wan port and is distributing the connection to three computers wirelessly.

    both are flashed with dd-wrt.v23 standard firmware.

    i am trying to hookup the second router on the other side of the house so that the laptop can get a signal from anywhere in the house.

    i have the first router (hooked up to the internet) with ssid: linksys /
    mode: mixed / security: disabled / lan ip address: / dhcp: enabled

    and it is set in "AP" mode and works fine. it just cant cover the entire house.

    so i want the other router to cover the other side of the house

    it has same firmware same ssid, mode, security, and its lan ip is: / dhcp: disabled and it is set in "Client" mode.

    the two routers are connected from lan port to lan port using an ethernet cable, when I am on the wireless of the first router,
    the internet works fine and i can access the "bridged" router by going to, but the "bridged" router doesnt let me connect wirelessly when I am on the other side of the house, it is like it isnt even there.

    I have tried setting it up a lot of different ways but to the best of my knowledge the way I have it set up above is the correct way.

    and just to clarify i am trying to connect to the second "bridged" router wirelessly, and it is not even detecting it, almost as if it is not putting out any wireless signals when it is on client mode. for instance i can disconnect the first router and just have the second router sitting there just to see if i can get a wireless signal, and its as if it doesnt exist.

    anyone have any ideas? can they not bridge like this, or do i need to change some settings? i have been messing around with this for over a year, have tried wap54g and wre54g to no avail, now im trying this. :cry:

    any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  2. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    No sure why are you having this problem. From your description it was a simple newtork. I used all WAP54G, WRE54G and WRT54G before for similar type of networking without any problem. In fact the WRE54G was for this purpose, to extend the range. I must admit that the WRE54G is not a user friendly device to setup.
  3. apachesurfer

    apachesurfer Network Guru Member

    anyone have any ideas?
  4. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    1) You fundamentally misunderstand what "client" mode is for. It does not act as a bridge in this setting. It acts like a big WiFi client adapter. Hookup a wire to the LAN ports in this mode.

    2) You need WDS mode if you want "repeater" functionality. However while this works the performance penalties of repeating WiFi with a single half-duplex radio is half or more throughput sacrificed.

    3) I usually recommend to RUN A WIRE to the 2nd location, and set the other unit as a plain AP, same security settings but 5 channels apart. This is classic AP setup for large buildings and doesn't involve any penalties. Use a wired backbone for traffic between AP's whenever you possibly can, Cat5 cable is cheap.
  5. apachesurfer

    apachesurfer Network Guru Member

    thanks a bunch, won't be a problem running the cable, i didnt think what i had put was right, but it is what i read everywhere and as you can see, someone even confirmed it was right

    i guess when i had them linked together by cable, and the second router set on ap it was messing up because it was on the same channel.

    thanks a lot :drinking:
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