Bridging two WRT54g

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by demark, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. demark

    demark Network Guru Member

    I am trying to do something I thought would be rather straight-forward.

    I have two WRT54g routers:

    Router 1:
    Connected to Cable Modem
    3 of the 4 LAN ports in use
    Currently 1 wireless client (a laptop)
    Eventually would like to use wireless security (encryption, MAC filtering), but that is turned off right now

    Router 2:
    Located in another room, to which I cannot get a wire
    No wireless clients
    At least one wired client

    I would like to hook at least one wired client to Router 2 and have it be connected to Router 1's network. If there is a way to get multiple wired clients connected to Router 1's network via Router 2, I'd want that option.

    I've tried combinations of Satori and the official firmware will no good results - all tests failed as I could not get a connection from the machine connected to Router 2 to Router 1's network.

    I am pretty sure I have followed all the directions for updating firmware in addition to what documentation I can find on setting up a bridge

    Should this be possible and what am I doing wrong?

    - Tony
  2. SpirIT

    SpirIT Network Guru Member

    try to connect both routers over a wds link. The bandwidth will be only the half, but this might be working.
    If you configure one of the routers as a wireless client only, you will only be able to connect only one wired client to this device.

    cu greetz
  3. demark

    demark Network Guru Member

    Hmmm... I though that WDS only acted as a repeater for wireless. Will it actually allow me to bridge from the LAN ports on Router 2 to the network on Router 1?
  4. SpirIT

    SpirIT Network Guru Member

    Yes, of course.
    I'm using two wrt54g to connect two rooms together. in both rooms are wireless AND wired clients available from anywhere. The only negative thing is that wds halves the bandwidth. But this ist because of the nature of a shared medium.

    Just try it. ;-)

  5. demark

    demark Network Guru Member

    OK - got it working. Thanks for the help. I don't know why I assumed that the LAN ports wouldn't work.

    Question: If I am using the LAN ports instead of connecting via wireless to Router 2, is the bandwidth still cut in half?

    - Tony
  6. SpirIT

    SpirIT Network Guru Member

    Good job! :)

    I don't think that the bandwidth will also be only the half.
    For wireless is the air the used medium for transmission. This is a shared medium and means only one device can talk. So the wrt must first receive the data sent by your wireless client and after that it can transmit the received data to to other wrt over the same medium it has received the data first. So as you can see, the wrt can use the full bandwith, but you have the delay, that the same data must be send twice over the same medium (air). Like this it seems to the client that it has only the half bandwidth.
    But if you are connecet via wire, this should not happen.

    I hope i could explain it in english. :-/
  7. Waruwaru

    Waruwaru Network Guru Member

    I got my "bridge" working pretty well by setting 1 WRT54G to Wireless Client mode. Used the direction on top of this link. I get good bandwidth, I don't think it's halfed, but I could be wrong since I never measure it. Can stream my Tivo wirelessly very well though. :)
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