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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Jurroen, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Dear everyone,
    I ordered a WAP54G, from (dutch one), in order to put OpenWRT on it. No problem, got it the day after I've ordered it. Enthousiast as I am, I opened the box right away, connected my WAP54G, and tested it. The standard firmware worked out of the box. Kewl! Time to put OpenWRT on it. Installation was succesful out of the box. I enabled SSH, and logged in via it. But, then I made a horrible mistake! I wanted to have my WAP54G to get an IP via DHCP. I did not tought about it, and just entered some commands, to get LAN, and WAN via DHCP. After that, I commited changed. Again, I didn't tought about it.

    Now, the router doesn't get it's IP, nor will it boot in failsafe (turn it on, without ethernet, hold reset 30 seconds, plug out the power while still holding, wait 5 secs, put on the power again, and hold reset 5 secs). So, how I am going to connect to it? When trying to connect wireless, my PC does not get an IP...


    EDIT: Hardware version is 3.1
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