Buffalo WHR-G125 rocks!!

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kardzzz, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. kardzzz

    kardzzz Addicted to LI Member

    So i lent my WRT54GL to a friend as he needed the 'client bridge' function; I was happy to live with a standard wrt54g for a short while but found that I really do miss the QoS functions of tomato.

    I was looking to buy another WRT54GL unit but came across a Buffalo WHR-G125 unit for £20. I thought 240 Mhz versus the Linksys 200 Mhz should come in useful and I am not wrong. My network seems to be much quicker.

    The only downside is the wireless signal seems to be weaker than the dual aerial linksys.

    Both units have the same amount of Ram (16+4).
    Flashing: I used the .bat file that came with the Tomato package, however it did not load the 1.27 trx software on two tries. I decided to switch to victeks 1.25 version renaming it tomato.trx and it flashed first time.

    Currently running v1.25.8515 .2RAF ND

    I highly recommend the Buffalo whr-g125 if you want a wireless-g router, however if you use wireless a lot and need more coverage, go for a WRT54GL.

    **Just a note, some users have managed to overclock their WRT54GL units to 250 Mhz without stability issues; unfortunately my unit did not like to be overclocked.
  2. though

    though Network Guru Member

    or get the new Asus RT-N16 :D
  3. influx

    influx Network Guru Member

    i've noticed i get a lot less range on my whr-g125 when running tomato vs. dd-wrt. i've never been able to figure it out so i'm stuck using dd-wrt. i've emailed the developer but never received a reply.
  4. kardzzz

    kardzzz Addicted to LI Member

    influx, what version (build) of DD-WRT are you using? I may give that a test some time this week. I last used dd-wrt a few years back and found the QoS to be non functional.
  5. influx

    influx Network Guru Member

    i am using build 12548 (eko).
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