Buffalo WHR-G54S seems to be bricked

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by occamsrazor, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Buffalo WHR-G54S seems to be bricked [now unbricked]

    Help... my Buffalo WHR-G54S seems to be bricked...

    It was running the latest version of Thor's OpenVPN/SNMP/SDHC mod, though debricking is more generic so I've done separate post.

    I had just added a bunch of OpenVPN client settings on the Router's OpenVPN admin page, "Client2" tab. I hit save and it said it had saved, but when I went back things started to get a bit weird - the settings in Client 2 had saved, but now the Client1 settings had changed themself. I corrected them and saved again... now Client2 settings had changed. So I rebooted the router and..... nothing.... dead.

    I've had to flash it by TFTP method before so started doing that. The router was pingable and the TFTP transfer said it had completed successfully. Wait, Reboot, still nothing. I tried reflashing with the same mod, with plain Tomato 1.23, and each time it said transfer was successful but the router just won't boot up.

    Now I can still ping it, but the TFTP-flashing seems not to be working now (though possibly it still might). I can't telnet or SSH.

    The only thought that came to mind is this particular mod virtually fills the flash of a WHR-G54S to the point where you can't even enable JFFS (so that was off). Is it possible that somehow by adding a bunch more info to the GUI (it was 3 at first, then 3 more, longish OpenVPN certificates) that I somehow utterly filled the NVRAM causing the crash? Seems unlikely to me but I'm no expert.

    Any ideas? I'm unable to get hold of a JTAG cable....
  2. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    Sorry, panic over... the TFTP flash now seems to have worked. If anyone else needs to recover from a bad flashing, here's some useful links:

    Recover from a Bad flash with DD-WRT
    (Excellent info and tutorials, most of the info is applicable to Tomato)

    Draytek Router Tools
    (Utility for TFTP flashing that avoids need to use command-line)

    whr_install - batch file that comes with the plain Tomato download, also automates the TFTP flashing process - just right-click then "edit" to customise the IP settings to your router
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