Buggy filters

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by bykte, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. bykte

    bykte Network Guru Member

    filters.asp from Access Restriction>Internet access is so buggy.

    cant even filter any website or keywords.

    enter "porn" as filter but still able to enter for e.g. penisbot.com

    disable google.com still able to surf google.com
  2. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    I Never got this working. on all Firmware :-(
  3. RasCas

    RasCas Network Guru Member


    strange the filter is working ok,

    perhaps you have entered the wrong infos:
    url: www.google.com !no http://!
    by Word: google - filters if the word apears in the !url!
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